Our Story  

The Montreal Peak Centre for Human Performance is a facility dedicated to assess the fitness and physiological response to effort for athletes of all levels. The Montreal location is a satellite centre from the Peak Centre for Human Performance of Ottawa (www.peakcentre.ca) where the assessment protocols and the training plans originated. The Montreal location is one of the seven Peak Centre around the world.

Under Dr. Al Reed's direction, the University of Ottawa research team developed the protocols to assess each sport very specifically. Based on sound physiological knowledge and on years of experimentation with national team athletes, the Peak Centre has developed a unique expertise. With input from world class coaches and athletes, the Peak Training System (tm) was developed.

We are proud of the professional group of coaches and trainers that form the team at Peak, and work to make the Peak Training System accessible to athletes of all levels and objectives.

Whatever your questions might be:
Where should I start?
What intensity should I train at if I want to lose weight, run faster, or build more endurance?
What heart rate am I more efficient at?
We have the answers!

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