Come and enjoy the benefit of the facilites at Peak Center Montreal when it fits your schedule with our 'a la carte' sessions!

At Peak, we use CompuTrainer - the most accurate ergometer on the market. With the CompuTrainer system, we can measure exactly what level of resistance athletes are pushing. Following a VO2Max evaluation, we can meticulously analyse the results of your test and then determine exactly what the limits of your aerobic system and training zones are. Since it's introduction on the market, the CompuTrainer has always been the favorite training tool for cyclists and triathletes who wish to 'get there faster'! Thanks to its many applications, the CompuTrainer can be used to simulate real life courses, teach you to pedal more efficiently, and work to improve your bike fitness.

How does it work?
Purchase a package of 10 or 20 session and bring your own bike for a solid 1 hour bike session!

Cost :
Computrainer Sessions =
10 = $175.00 + taxes
20 = $300.00 + taxes

Special rates in off-peak hours : between 10h et 15h, we offer -15 %, which equals 3 free session for a 20 session signup!

New : Rent a Computrainer for the winter months at $175/month for a maximum of 6 months. With the option to purchase at the end of the term.

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