VO2max Testing  

A VO2max test is our method of measuring your body's specific response to exercise - it is a snapshot of your current fitness level. This assessment is done via the CompuTrainer and your bike, or on one of our treadmills and will provide us with an accurate blood lactate analysis. After thorough analysis of the assessment information, the Peak Centre exercise physiologists can precisely determine an athletes individual aerobic training zones. These zones can then be used to prescribe training sessions geared towards improving a specific aspect of performance.

Many types of assessments exist, however, not all of them provide the individual information necessary for proper exercise training. Predictive equations, estimation charts and perceived exertion levels provide no direct information regarding your current individual fitness level, and also fail to track fitness improvements over time.

At the Peak Centre, we offer direct assessments to measure your individual response to exercise. These assessments precisely determine your current level of fitness, as well as allow us to track your rate of training improvement over time. Each analysis is specific to you and how your body responds to exercise.

The Peak Centre is nationally accredited by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). This means that we meet all the standards required for validity, accuracy, and reliability in all our assessments. To you, it ensures that the money you invest in your health and fitness is providing you with results that are valid, accurate, reliable, and more importantly, applicable.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn during your physical assessment :

  1. How to burn the most body fat during the effort, using your own optimal fat burning zone.
  2. How to train in your own optimal endurance zone, allowing you to crank up your endurance for efforts lasting more than 2 hours.
  3. Intensity allowing training at your maximum potential for extended efforts of 30 minutes to 2Hrs.
  4. Intensity allowing you to develop physiological aptitude with the objective to participate in competition at a high level.
  5. Assessment of your curent state of general fitness.

This type of testing is perfect for athletes who wish to improve their fitness, prepare for an upcoming competition, or get the most out of their training sessions.

You can also reserve a V02Max evaluation for your partner as a gift! Just call us to arrange a testing session or visit our online boutique!

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